What kind of photography do you specialize in?

While a great deal of my work is for commercial and editorial use, my photography services can be tailored to every type of project, including: Portraiture Editorial Advertising Campaigns Social Media Content + Websites Catalogs + Menus + Products Lookbooks *Additional portfolios are available upon request*

Do you offer any other creative services outside of photography?

As a passionate creative, I'm always excited to take on new projects and expand my creative capacities. Love my style and think I'd be a good fit for your project? Don't hesitate to reach out to me! I am also a freelance writer, and photographic retoucher.

When I get any kind of photos taken with you, do I get all of the images from the shoot?

No, and this is a wonderful and entirely positive thing! Because I am committed to providing you, my client, with the best possible product, I only release beautifully edited, hand retouched images. Raw images only serve as the canvas for my creativity, but my work isn't finished until your images have been edited. Remember, post-production is an important step in my entire creative process, and is fundamental to achieving my unique, photographic style which led you to hiring me!

I’m a photographer, creative, entrepreneur (or all of the above!) and would love to be taught or mentored by you. Is this something you are open to?

Absolutely, yes! I would be more than happy to grab a cup of coffee with you and talk all about your creative goals and aspirations! Whether you’re a novice or seasoned professional, please reach out to me and let me know how I can help you!

I know that you are based in Miami, but are you willing to travel to my dream photo destination?

Yes, yes, and yes! Where are we headed to?